How fast does a ride on car go?

How fast does a ride on car go?  

So your wandering how fast these cars go. Good question. this depends on 2-3 factors, firstly shape and size of the car and most importantly the Volts is what the car is powered with. Ride on cars come with different volts, depending on age groups and size/weigth of the car. Normally these can raange from 6v to 45V cars.

Below is a table of how speeds can vary with different volts.

Quick Facts on Speed of 6v, 12v, 24v & 36v ride-on toys:
6V Ride-on Toys = usually 2-3mph
12V Ride-on Toys = usually 4mph
24V Ride-on Toys = usually 6mph
36V Ride-on Toys = usually 15mph+
48V Ride-on Toys = usually 18mph+

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