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Mickey Mouse Ride on Bike

Kidz ride on car has brought this cute and beautiful Mickey Mouse ride on electric toy bike for kids. This 6 volts battery operated bike will add joy and fun in your kids playing. This amazing ride on bike offers variety of features for kids including its stylish look, beautiful sound and much more. Your kid will experience the unique style while he or she will be riding this cool looking electric ride on bike.

This beautiful Mickey Mouse style electric ride on bike is perfect for your small kids. Moreover this Mickey Mouse bike is perfect for your kid if he or she is going to experience the ride on bike for the very first time. Although this small ride on is not a very big bike and it may not have all the great fancy features that comes with stylish bikes, but it is the best small 6 volts bike that you can get for your kid in very affordable price range.


This small ride on bike is perfect for the small kids and for those who haven’t got their first bike yet. This small ride on bike comes with great fancy Mickey Mouse eye working headlights, comfortable seats, 6 volts battery, and the safe three wheels. The bike also has the sound button designed for ON/OFF function. Rechargeable battery and charger perfectly safe for 2 – 5 year old kid. This beautiful bike also provide the AUX input and allows your kids to listen to their favourite songs while riding this bike.


The small ride on bike is designed with high quality, tough plastic, designed to last for longer period. This bike is extremely robust to standout the kids play time for so many years. The 6 volts battery allows the kid to play with this bike for long time. The bike is designed with approximate weight of 12 kg perfectly suitable to carry around the weight up to 25 kg. There is also some rubber section in the middle of the tyres to add up extra grip.